Cadillac Rockers

The Cadillac Rockers were a Gold Coast based, 50’s & 60’s Rockabilly & Rock’n’Roll band at the time of the Tumbulgum 150 celebrations in October 2016, playing a mixture of originals and of course all the classics from the 1950’s.

The Cadillac Rockers began rockin’ in early 2012, starting with the band who formed to enter the CRO Youth Talent Quest in June 2012. After winning the Talent Quest the band decided to stay together. After a small line up change, the band continued to perform all over the East Coast on a regular basis!!

The group disbanded in late 2016, reforming with new band members, a different sound and a brand new name “JAKE & THE CADILLACS”,  in early 2017.

2015 ARRDC (Australian Rock’n’Roll Dance Championships)  1st Place.
Cooly Rocks On Dance Championships 2015/16
Kooly Kat Open Dance Championship-  1st Place