Newsletter Editor, Volunteer

The Newsletter Editor is responsible for compiling, formatting and distributing TCA approved news articles and reports each month, with support from the TCA committee. Time required, approx. 10 hours per month.

What type of person suits this role? Editors, writers, designers, photographers.

Writing experience, creativity and an eye for detail are a must. Desktop publishing skills are an advantage. Most of all this person enjoys life and connecting with people.

Responsibilities include:

  • maintain TCA guidelines e.g. submission deadline, format, features
  • liaise with Online Content Manager, TCA President, committee and sub-committees
  • gather materials, find and edit graphics such as illustrations or photographs
  • research, write and fact-check historical articles
  • edit, proofread all submissions
  • position text and artwork on page layout
  • convert files for websites, email distribution and printing

The newsletter is distributed by email to members and a small number of paper copies are made available through Tumbulgum businesses and Post Office. You can expect to have all the support you need in this role from the TCA committee.

To get involved please contact Jenny,