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The AGM will commence at 7 pm on Tuesday 9 May 2017 at the Tumbulgum Hall

This meeting was deferred from the scheduled date of 11 April to allow villagers to focus on flood recovery.

Tea, coffee & sandwiches will be provided so you can catch up and share tales with others after the formalities.

Please also bring along your photos on USB flash drive so we can add to the archive.

Nominations must be received for the seven (7) committee positions by 2 May. Address to TCA Secretary, PO Box 19, Tumbulgum NSW 2490.  More details here.


If you are an existing TCA Member, don’t forget to renew your membership for 2017/18. You should have received an email reminder last month and many have already renewed.

To be able to vote at the AGM, existing members need to be financial before the vote – so renew beforehand or on the night prior to the meeting start.

Download your Renewal Form here.

If you would like to join the TCA as a new member, details on membership and how to join may be found here.


A meeting will be held at 10am on Saturday 27 May in the Tumbulgum Hall to exchange valuable information about the recent Flood event. (Note – this replaces the 2 May meeting previously notified).

Representatives from the SES, Tweed Council, the Bureau of Meteorology and possibly Telecommunications Providers will be attending.

As well as comments and questions, the SES would appreciate it if you could bring your photos on a USB flash drive, particularly if they show flood heights,  The images will be downloaded at the meeting.

Tumbulgum Recovery Progress


Thanks to all the Tumbulgum Businesses who completed the on-line survey re flood impact over the last couple of days. We understand we went from 2 to 36 responses as a result.

We should be in a stronger position to justify Category C classification and will continue to pursue this matter, as this will allow access to increased Government support and grants. Lismore and Murwillumbah have already been designated Category C.

See details of what is be available with Category C listing below

* Thank you Tzu-Chi Foundation

The villagers of Tumbulgum would like to thank the Tzu-Chi Foundation and their volunteers who provided care packages to us on Friday 14 April.

The losses experienced by our residents have been significant, followed by over three weeks of hard work by all to restore the village and surrounds to some form of normality.

It was uplifting to experience your compassion and generosity.

Jenny Kidd
TCA President

Images of the event can be found here

Tzu-Chi Foundation (


We have had a hectic time since the start of this unprecedented event, with the focus on undertaking and supporting recovery efforts and activities – which have stretched us all.

Our collective efforts mean that Tumbulgum, at least superficially, has now resumed normal activities.

The Resource Recovery Centre at the Tumbulgum Hall has closed ,  remaining donated goods were taken in to the Hutchinsons Recovery Centre in Murwillumbah.

If you still have goods to donate or have a need for specific items, please go in there – as they will be continuing to operate for the next few weeks.

The Tumbulgum Hall has been cleaned and is now back in use and ready for hire. The co-ordination point at the Marquee on Riverside Drive has also closed down.

Thank you to all the great volunteers, including residents, who have helped to make the cleanup and support infrastructure in Tumbulgum such a great success. There are too many contributors to mention individually.

We can all be proud of the collective efforts of our community.

Please let your friends and neighbours who don’t have access to social media or the internet know what is happening, and keep safe and well.

Jenny Kidd
TCA President


The NSW Disaster Recovery Payment (DRP) is a one-off payment of $1,000 per adult and $400 per child.

People eligible for the DRP are those who have suffered serious injury or major damage to their homes as a direct result of the disaster.

Many of you will have attended the Human Services bus when it was in Tumbulgum last week and processed your claim. Others may have lodged claims directly.

If you have not made a claim yet, the easiest way to lodge a claim is by calling the Australian Government Information Line on 180 22 66 between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday and between 8am and 5pm, Saturday to Sunday, or via the Human Services website.

More details here.


The aftermath of Cyclone Debbie and the subsequent cleanup is still having an impact, even though immediate issues have been resolved in many cases.

In Tumbulgum, the level and impact of this flood exceeded that of the 1954 and 1974 floods.

There are a range of measures being made available by Authorities to assist with recovery, including:

* Special Cleanup announced by Tweed Council for Flood Affected Areas: the first phase of this has been completed. We are seeking another special clean-up for the village and surrounds. In addition, the next Household Cleanup will be coming to Tumbulgum soon – see schedule in the latest Tweed Link.

*Government Financial Assistance to assist in recovery – for residents and businesses;

*Assistance from your Telecommunications supplier(s) with interim services and restoration, eg:   Telstra;  contact your own supplier to see what they will do.

General Tweed Council information.


This session replaced the TCA March General Meeting.

Thank you to all who attended our session last night to help us take another step towards developing a Locality Plan for Tumbulgum (including North Tumbulgum).

The evening started with a convivial session allowing around 30 attendees to enjoy a chat, drink and Pizza’s from the House of Gabriel. This led into a fruitful work-shop with great participation from all those attending.Chat n Chew 14 March 2017

The thoughts and ideas discussed and recorded will be documented and circulated to TCA Members soon, so that you can consider and offer any further thoughts and ideas before we progress to the next phase.


Tweed Regional Gallery in Murwillumbah is currently hosting an exhibition focusing on the 102-year-old tale of Tumbulgum Hall as told by Opera Queensland in their original production “Tumbulgum and the Countdown to Midnight at the First Supper Between Now and Forever”

Tweed Regional Gallery | 17 February – 21 May

A video of this production is now available online.